Knowbella Tech provides scientists a free open science collaboration platform.

We believe researchers, who are among the most highly educated people on the planet, are frequently taken advantage of and exploited. Their exploitation stimulates the formation of researchers who are isolated from collaboration and the creation of protectionist silos.

With the Platform, scientists can gain free access to intellectual properties from institutions around the world. With its free tools and services such as grant funding opportunities, lab equipment, manuscript development tool, preprint server, and career opportunities, researchers can form a global community that breaks down isolationist silos.

As researchers collaborate to push innovations forward they earn Helix tokens (“cryptocurrency”). A researcher with Helix will be able to use it as medium of exchange within and without the Platform.

For example, if the researcher uses the free manuscript development tool on the Platform, s/he earns Helix that can pay an article processing charge (APC) for publishing in an open access journal.

Further, a researcher seeking some specific service such as statistical analysis, can pay another scientist in Helix for the service.

Once Helix is available on cryptocurrency exchanges, scientists can trade Helix for other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), or local fiat.

When scientists opt-in, Knowbella can match them with employers, consulting opportunities, and gigs. Due to the open science nature of the Platform, employers can observe interactions to better select researchers for employment opportunities.

The Knowbella Platform seeks to decentralize and democratize science by putting control of funding and publishing in the control of scientists.

Freely join and propel forward science and your career!